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Digital Business.US is an independent company located in Colorado which provides a full portfolio of services to the kiosk industry as well as the customer/deployer side of equation.  Whether it is usability studies, vendor selection, component selection, or you want to start a self-service project and are not sure where to begin, that’s where DB can helps. One of our services is bringing together under one “tent” access to some of the most experienced kiosk consultants in the business.

Who We Are

We are a team of exceptionally experienced self-service and kiosk professionals. We have over 120 years of industry experience working for and with major kiosk manufacturers as our credentials.  Hundreds of projects. Having learned thru experience, we now help guide companies towards successful self-service automation be it in whichever form factor (kiosk, tablet, application, mobile, etc).  From identifying your opportunities to use self-service, to designing and creating the solutions, to financing and servicing those solutions.  We have by far the most comprehensive network of contacts and resources bar none.

Kiosk Consulting Services:

  • RFP Construction
  • Compliance issues such as ADA, EMV and HIPAA
  • Intellectual Property
  • Market intelligence
  • Liability
  • Best of Breed Solutions (Custom, standard, fabrication)
  • Management Consulting
  • COGS Solution Review
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Research
  • Usability Assessment
  • Service and logistics planning
  • Remote Monitoring services
  • Financing your project
  • SEO & SERP analysis for your site(s) & competitors
  • Google Adwords + social channel advertising and promotion
  • New emerging technology options for self-service

Kiosk Consultant Resources:

  • Janet Webster — President at Creative Solutions Consulting (LLC), providing services in support of technology strategy and integration, including self service and traditional point of service solutions. Also offering facilitation/moderation services for executive leadership development programs.
  • Francie Mendelsohn – We publish reports, conduct best practices workshops, perform usability testing, strategic planning, RFP analysis, judge kiosks at Kiosk and Photo industry conventions, and speak on kiosks at conferences around the world.
  • Nigel Seed  (UK/EMEA) – Managing Director at NAS Consultancy Ltd, Reading, United Kingdom
  • Alex Doumani — served as VP of Technology with Coinstar and Redbox
  • Peter B. Snyder (EMEA) — Twenty year veteran of industry. Ex-VP Sales KIOSK
  • Benjamin Wheeler – Self-service Industry Expert / Customer / OEM Advocate. My calling in life is to match kiosk customers and manufacturing companies with the “best of breed” partner(s), software, hardware and components
  • Bart Foster – Sanitas Advisors works with clients on revenue acceleration, disruptive innovation and business development. Founder of SoloHealth
  • Marie Schanke – Consultant and team lead for the Epic Welcome Patient Kiosk, Referrals, & Cadence Scheduling implementations. Known as “Mother of Welcome” at EPIC.
  • Michael Dorety — Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Specialist in the Voice, Data, and Video Conference Industry for over 15 years. Have Consulted for Kioware, Microsoft, Vidyo, The University of Colorado at Boulder and American Well Telemedicine
  • Craig Keefner – twenty five years in kiosk and self-service industry. Major clients Verizon and AT&T

Contact us with your needs and requirements. If you wish to contract a particular person pls let us know.

Self-Service and kiosk products include:

  • Chromebooks – we are Google For Work and Google For Education authorized partner
  • Chrome Signs – we are certified by Google for Signs
  • Chromebase and Chromebox hardware computers for all sectors.
  • Custom embedded computers
  • Secure browsing software from PROVISIO, KioWare and KioskSimple.
  • Consulting and development of software and application configurations.
  • 3G and 4G Connectivity for stations
  • Power over Ethernet All-in-one computers

More Resources

  • AudioEye – coding a website properly for accessibilty
  • Knowability – nonprofit with mission of improving access
  • User Insight – consulting for user interface


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Authorized Google For Work Partner
Authorized Google For Work Partner