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Best All In One Touch Computers for Business

All In One Touch Computers

All In One Touch Computers has over 30 years of experience in designing, specifying, pricing, installing, configuring, and servicing technology products. We do limit our business to qualified customers who have legitimate scalable projects and requirements. e.g. If you are just looking for one computer as cheap as possible, we are not the people to contact.

All-In-One computers are actually a wide category. Units in this category include:

Types of Units

  • The quintessential 10 inch and 12 inch computer with a touchscreen (usually)
  • Larger 15 to 22 inch computer-with-a-touchscreen
  • Battery-powered tablets. Range from 7″ to 22″
  • Purpose-built mobile phones (6″ screens)  — these are all Android
  • Chromebooks, Chromeboxes typically used in Education
  • You can make the case that with embedded slots in all types of displays, we now have some very large AIOs (32, 42, 47, 55, 65, 75, and yes, larger…). This segment is where it bleeds over into digital signs with a nice CMS and a nice
  • Headsets are approaching AIO status

It gets more interesting looking at the Use Case and vertical applications. These days mobility factor means the ability to take the venue to the customer almost.

Use Case and Applications

  • Line busting like Chick-Fil-A or In-an-Out fast-food restaurants. Employee-use outside for taking orders. And headsets…
  • In healthcare, you have people checking into clinics, hospitals and telehealth stations
  • Retail back office for inventory and quality control
  • Food lockers and vending of all types
  • Visitor check-in which can be in markets like healthcare, transportation or other markets.
  • Those are just some of the applications.

Note: We can act as the agent with preferred reseller pricing and as your price negotiator/representative with the vendors.  Our default handling cost if we process the transaction is 15% markup.  For quantities less than 10 we generally will by default refer you to the companies directly. Some of the companies that we currently represent include:  KioWare, PROVISIO, 22Miles, Insight Touch, General Touch and TDS Touch.  

All-In-One Computers & Touch Computers

  1. All-In-One Computer – Android, Linux or Windows – 10 inch
  2. All-In-One Computer Android – 21.5″
    • 21.5” AIO Android –
    • Optical bonding PCAP touch screen
    • 12mm narrow black border
    • Android 10 OS with google GMS global
    • 9.4lbs lightweight
  3. All-in-One Computer 15″J1900CPU  ($775 qty 1)
    All In One Touchscreen Computer

    All In One Touchscreen Computer $775 Qty 1

    • The shell is made of metal + 7MM Ultra-thin Zero-bezel design
    • LED energy-saving backlight
    • Widescreen with full viewing Angle
    • Resolution 1920x1080FHD
    • 10-point projection capacitive touch screen
    • Cover plate anti- explosion/fingerprint processing
    • Supports horizontal and vertical display and touch
    • Adjustable angle stabilized base
    • 4GB RAM with 64GB SSD
    • 2 Year Warranty
  4. All-In-One Computer 21″ and i5-6360U  ($1350 qty 1)
    21 inch Touch Screen All-In-One Computer

    21 inch Touch Screen All-In-One Computer

    • 128GB SSD
    • 4GB of Memory (up to 16)
    • 1 RS232 + 4 USB 3.0
    • Mini-PCIe expansion
  5. More Options
    1. TouchDynamic All-In-One Systems

Kiosk Software or Browser Lockdown

These are software products that:

  1. Recommend as these are proven solutions with virtually unlimited customer references
  2. Sell at a discounted price as a distributor – price and budget count
  3. On order quantity 25+ we also provide 8 hours of training and configuration support
  4. We know as an actual customer — We have over 1000 hours of experience installing and configuring)
  • KioWare – lockdown software that secures your desktop and allows you to turn your PC or mobile device into a self-service kiosk. Configure KioWare to restrict access to the application(s) or website(s) you permit. KioWare kiosk software is available for both Windows® and Android™ devices.
  • PROVISIO SiteKiosk – SiteKiosk is the software solution for securing publicly accessible POS terminals, Internet PCs, displays and tablets. Ensure the smooth operation of your application and protect the system from manipulation.
  • PROVISIO SiteCaster – The Kiosk CMS SiteCaster transforms any terminal into an interactive digital signage display. Whether simple presentations or complex applications with hardware interfaces: SiteCaster makes it possible.
  • Remote Monitoring – We offer SiteRemote either as licenses or as an internal dedicated monitoring server
  • Remote Monitoring – KioRemote
  • Cost-Effective “Fast” Custom Software Projects – send a note to [email protected] to request more info
    • Can be as simple as providing a ready-built base of device support for your in-house “web” programmers to work with
  • Turnkey software packages for digital wayfinding solutions, digital signage solutions, check-in software suites, and more.

Hardened Tablet Computers – Commercial Quality

Here are some recommended commercial quality tablets with acceptable life cycle (unlike what you buy on Amazon)

  • TouchDynamic Mobile Tablets
  • Insight Touch 8″ Tablet – IP67
  • Insight Touch 10″ tablet

Chromebook and ChromeBoxes

Through our relationship with Synnex as a reseller, and as Google Certified, we can offer the full range of Chrome services