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Definitions of Kiosks
Here are some of the main categories for the modern-day kiosk.

In malls, events, tradeshows and other locations you have the RMU, which is a Remote Merchandising Unit. Point of Purchase fixture iterations. Many current self service kiosk companies evolved from these units design and manufacture and continue to do a large business in these. Examples would be Frank Mayer Associates & Inc., Olea Kiosk and Ikoniq (main business being RMUs).
It is generally interactive but not always.
It most often provides a computer (such as Dell Optiplex) and has a 17 or 19″ 5:4 aspect touchscreen (between 7 and 84 inches).
Most often it is unattended.
It is a standalone enclosure in most common iteration.

Design Capabilities for the POP Industry

Design Tools For POP Industry How using the latest innovative software and products can save clients time and expense As the Creative Director at Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., a big perk of my job is staying immersed in the tech world and discovering the latest software and products developing at rapid speed. Ryan Lepiankan with Frank Mayer. Creative… Read More »